Technical services in the area of civil engineering

Analysis, review, auditing and monitoring of projects

Consulting for construction owners and design companies with the aim of [to] assessing the suitability of the projects for their intended purposes, ensuring compliance with their useful life periods and minimizing the risk of unanticipated costs.

Technical assistance to projects

Consulting for companies by assisting in the implementation and monitoring of projects, and in seeking new solutions that differentiate their value chain and increase competitiveness.

Technical consulting for laboratories and quality control of materials to be incorporated in projects

Consulting for the implementation and accreditation of laboratories according to ISO 17025; auditing; decision-making support when selecting constituent materials for the production of bituminous mixtures, their development and specific studies, production assessment and CE marking.

Pavement design and analysis

Conceptual analysis and design of pavements aimed at utilizing sustainable solutions and maximizing the use and optimization of existing materials. Accounting for energy and greenhouse gas emissions, and using them as criteria for assessing paving solutions. Lifecycle analysis of pavements.

Specialized technical training

In-company training in the field of road infrastructures, custom-developed for companies that value effectiveness, productivity and employee motivation.